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(via IBM: Companies facing social media conundrum)
(via Step 1 – Integrate Social into your Business Processes (episode 1) « Living Social)
Question and exclamation marks don’t work on Twitter [infographic] | The Wall Blog) via @marketingUK
(via 10 Key Findings about Customer Service in Amex Global Study | Customer Satisfaction and Reputation Management) Nice study by Amex
#infographic of time spent on social media holds no surprises and just reflects the duration of expected activities, rather than commitment to the platform 
Flash sales bring flash results 
Wow, social media in teh US is the job that pays!
In January, Pinterest accounted for 3.6 percent of referral traffic #infographic #socialretail #retail
It seems 62% of online users gave used social media for customer service issues - that is the first big number I’ve seen for #custserve
I am not sure i agree with teh rational behind this #infographic B2B LinkedIn vs. Facebook 
So over half of twitterers dont have children! no surprise as i suspect when you do - tweeting is teh last thing on your mins #Infographic #in
The data is US, but interesting to see how devise connection varies between purchase categories
(via The Marketing Growth Wheel Infographic - Smart Insights Digital Marketing Advice)
Good to see our british museums are still a tourist draw #infographic and kudos to travelsupermarket for sharing insight
More than half of connected shoppers surveyed where women with a mean age of 40 #Infographic